Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 1: Journey to Pashin

Adventure Log
Session 1: Journey to Pashin
Our story begins deep in the elven forest kingdom of Silvanesti located on the southern continent of Ansolan. It is a dark time for the elves of Silvanesti. Since the time of Lorac the lands have been cursed, twisted and evil. Just as some of the land was beginning to be healed, Another war came to the elves. Over the last two years war has come yet again to their forest. First came the Dark Knights of Neraka lead by Mena the warrior priestess of the Dark Queen, but then the Knights were betrayed by their allies the Minotaurs. The elves had no choice but in great despair to leave their ancient homeland for good.
Sympathic to their plight, the Sir Brenin Winslow Knight of Solamnia a knight of the Crown, decided to go and aid the elves in their escape to freedom, with him he took a small band of knights and his squire a young Gavin Silverblade.
During a fierce combat with the minotaurs, Sir Winslow order the young Gavin to take command of the women and children and lead them to safety. Meanwhile the knights put up a strong defense to shield the escape of the women and children. Gavin led them north learning of hidden trails used by other refugees to flee to the north. They traveled for three days before finding the druid Ren who hid them in a cave and gave them food and water. Ren then helped them further by leading them out of the forest to the border land a vast savannah, there they came to another small cave at the edge of the forest, here the met Valan a young sorcerer. After resting the night he also joined the group and they continued north. Some of them had heard that many of the elves had gone north to the border town of Pashin. For two days they traveled across the great grassland. Eventual, they came to meadow where a Sheppard was grazing sheep and goats.
From their vantage point they spotted a pair of Hyenas circling the herd, taking quick action Valan summoned an eagle to help them. The hyenas pounced first charging one of the sheep. Ren shouted a warning and charged into the fray. The others followed in short order one was dead and the other ran off, having given up on a mutton dinner.
They met the Sheppard whose name was Sinjab. He told them Pashin was a day away, he suggested they stay at the inn of the prancing pony, he sales his goat cheese to the inn. He warns the group to beware of the dark knights.
The next day they continued north eventually coming to a road traveling east and west. Turning east they continued toward Pashin soon coming to the Thon Thalas river and a ferry crossing. Finding a rams horn hang from a post and blowing it they called the ferry master on the eastern shore. The ferry man came out of a small hut on the far shore and pulled the ferry across the river to the west side, as he approached they could see he was a retired old mariner with salt and pepper beard and hair a crotchety spirit, he introduced himself as Zebulon or “Zeb”.
Zeb reported that the number of travelers and caravans has dropped off since the dark knights came six months ago. He also said that the darks knights did like elves and they best keep hid.
Continuing east they group came to a dry river crossing in the distance they spotted two riders at full gallop. Deciding quickly to take cover the group ducted out of sight, as the riders came near, they could see they were riding bareback and without bit or bridle. They jumped over a log and one of them fell off on the landing, the other just kept on riding with both horses. The second rider landed in a large sage brush. He spoken something in his local tongue but no one understood what he said so he spoke in the common tongue, warning everyone to hide as the dark knights were coming.
A minute later four horseman came each wearing the armor and markings of the knights of Neraka, Taking heed his warning they stayed hidden until the knights passed.
After the knights passed introductions were made and the fallen rider introduced himself as Loki, he offered to guide the group into Pashin. Loki, had grown up in Pashin and had many contacts in the city. He explained that his friend Khalid and him had rescued two of the Mikku’s price horses from the dark knights who had acquired them by impounding them from the Mikku.
Loki then led them to the great bazaar just outside the town gates. There he met a beggar named Rami, he told Loki to take the elves to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff, and ask for Tamara, she is sympathetic to the elves.
From there, the group headed to the west gate. He the party was challenged by the town guard, and a large burly sergeant named Kadar, he eyed the elves suspiciously, and gruffly stated that refugees were not welcome, when it appeared that he was not going to accept Loki’s proclamation that these were his friends, he offered that it had been a while since caravan traders had come to town and everyone knows, how generous caravan traders are as he held out his hand. Gavin, not wanting to cause a seen, gave the old guard a steel coin. Kadar then made a grand bow and with a sweeping gesture of his hand and a broad smile said welcome to Pashin, stepping aside to let the party enter.
The group headed in the direction of the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff. Upon arriving at the inn, they met Tamara, who upon seeing the elven women and children, bid the group to quickly come with her and asked the women and children to follow. After seeing to their needs she returned to the party to thank them for their help, in addition, to her usual customers there were two other strangers at the inn, a dwarf, with a battle axe, and a large bald headed human with a long sword slung over his shoulder. Later, that evening a finely dressed dwarf entered the inn. He spoke to Tamara and then posted a notice on the wall. It read, wanted for individuals for discrete work, some adventure and risk involved, discretion required, see Lodar Stonehand, on Yule eve at sunset at the Inn of the prancing pony.
After a comfortable nights rest, they awoke the next day and after breakfast headed out to explore Pashin.
As they group headed toward the center of town they heard the sound of a child crying and a gruff man yelling with slurred speech. Upon turning the corner the found a large dark skinned egrothian man threatening a little girl, and a very sad looking kender who was trying to defender the girl. The egrothian had two accomplices with him. Gavin seeing the injustice of the situation acted quickly, challenging the drunken brute, to leave the child alone, and pick on someone his own size. He turned to attack Gavin, missing wildly, Gavin in return, punched him with the pommel of his blade, He made a second wild swing, this time Gavin bull rushed him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him to the ground, as the party closed in, the other two the fled, leaving their fallen leader behind.
It turned out that the egrothian was named Hograth and he had lost his money bag the night before. The little girl whose name was Mayleaf and her father the kender named Kelwick, were grateful for the help. The little girl saw the big man fall down and went to try and help him up. When he realized his money was gone he accused the kender of theft. Seeing the truth of the situation Gavin turned Hograth over to the town watch.
In gratitude Kelwick offered to be a guide to the party or to help if needed. Kelwick was not like most kender, who are happy go lucky, instead, Kelwick seemed to be overcome with grief and sorry as if some great tragedy had sucked all the joy and wanderlust from him.
The other two thugs were able to duck into cover and managed to escape the pursuit of the party. After the encounter the party decided to continue toward the center of town.


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