Founded almost 4000 years ago the Elven kindom of Silvanesti, by the first king of the elves Silvanos, who defeated the chromatic dragons to take over their enchanted forest.
It has been the ancient homeland of the Silvanesti elves for 4000 years.
During the War of the Lance in 349 AC, the silvanesti were betrayed and king Lorac lost control of the dragon Ord and it cursed the land.

in 382 AC, the nightmare ends and the elves begin the process of healing the land.

In 394 AC the elves enclose their kingdom with a magical shield.

In 419 AC the shield falls under the attack of Mina and her Dark Knights. Silvanesti is beseiged by the dark knights. Silvanesti falls to the dark knights and the minotaurs.

In turn the minotaurs strike at the dark knights, to gain control of the whole realm. mean while what elves remain continue to flee and go into exile.


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