The Town of Pashin,
Pop. 2,351 (95% human)

Pashin is a remote desert border town, located in the Mikku clan region of Southern Khur. 35 miles north of the Silvanesti forest, and just west of the Thon-Thalas River, and the Ogre Kingdom of Blode to the west. To the east lie the badlands of Khur. Pashin is amalgam of odd cultures, Ogre, Elven and Nomadic Human.

Pashin is a somewhat ramshackle town. It has a variety of building types, ranging from the solid construction reminiscent of Solamnic architecture, to the meandering style of the Gnomes. The artisan wells and other stonework structures are of dwarven design. The majority of building are made of a sun baked clay bricks and covered with a thick paste. Most buildings are single story. The main streets are made of cobblestone, while alleys are often dirt. A sewer systems runs under the town to drain away rain and rufuse.

As a neutral border town and a way station for caravans and a place to trade. Pashin has a reputation as one of the best horse markets in the entire eastern realm. It also has one of the finest bazaars in the east as well.

Before the arrival of the Dark Knights the population of the town was around 1,200. Current population is around 2,400. With the increase in population, crime has also increased.

There are two main gates into the town, one on the east and one on the west side.


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