Dark Knights of Neraka

The Dark Knights of Neraka

For several years, Pashin returned to its preferred state of relative lawlessness until years later, when during the War of the Souls, when the Dark Knights of Neraka Lead by the Warrior Priestess Mina, invaded Silvanesti with their allies the Minotaurs. However ,as the Knights were conquering Silvanost they were betrayed by the Minotaurs. The knights were weak from their conflict with the elves and were no match for the brutish minotaurs. The War of Souls ended with the Minotars conquering Silvanesti defeating the dark knights of Neraka and the elves.

The Dark Knights fled Silvanost escaping and pillaging with everything they could carry, coming north to Pashin where they quickly doubled the population. Now they seek to become the dominate power in the region.

Once again, Pashin has become a town under occupation, and martial law. Dark Knights now make up half of the towns population. In the past six months the knights have built on a new section of town to the south know as the Dark Knights enclave.

However, the locals are not so happy with this latest occupation force. These residents include a wide assortment outlaws, elven refugees, Khurish nomads of the Mikku and other desert tribes, the occasional dwarf or kender and the odd Ogre from Blode. Some have begun to resist the Dark Knight’s occupation.

Before the arrival of the Dark Knights the population of the town was around 1,200. Current population is around 2,400. With the increase in population, crime has also increased.

The leaders of the Dark Knights have tried to maintain discipline and take control of the town, but it has been a challenge, given the chaotic nature of Pashin’s residents.

Dark Knights of Neraka

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