Valan Karthanos

Valan is a Red Robed half elf sorcerer


Valan is a half elf standing 5’9" tall with blonde hair and green eyes. He wears the Red Robes of the Order of High Sorcery. he carries a quarter staff.


Valan Karthanos is a half-elf Sorcerer, Valan’s mother was a Silvanesti Elf who was a white robed wizard of High Sorcerer, She traveled to wayreth forest to the tower of sorcery within, there she met and studied under the Red Robed wizard Julius Blackmoor to whom she fell in love. When she returned to Silvanesti she was found to be with child and was outcast by the elves for her indiscretion. She continued to live on the borderlands of Silvanesti until the war of the souls when the Dark knights attacked, They burnt their home to the ground, and killed his mother, so he traveled north to Pashin to find a fresh start

Valan Karthanos

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