Ren is a half elf Druid from the Silvanesti forest


Ren is a half elf standing 5’9" tall, with sandy blonde hair and green eyes common to the elves.

He recently acquired some desert robes and head gear to blend in better in Pashin.

In the forest he is often found wearing his green traveling cloak over his leather armor and wood shield. he is armed with a spear, scimitar and club. he also uses a sling for missile attacks.


Renwick “Ren” Greenbriar, is a half-elf, Druid from the Silvanesti forest border lands. Ren was orphaned at birth. His mother was elf maiden who was a victim of the War of the Chaos, and died in childbirth, Ren was taken in by the midwife an elven Druidess of the forest and raised as her own son. Ren watched as the Dark Knights of Neraka lead by Mina invaded Silvanesti and raped the land of its many treasures, only to be invaded a second time by the Minotaurs. Many elves died during the fall of silvanost, the rest, including Ren began to flee, an underground railroad was created to aid the refugee elves. However, many disappeared near Blode, captured by the ogres for some dark purpose. While others went into exile in Pashin.


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