Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 6: Spiders and Snakes (vipers)

Session 6: Spiders and Snakes (Vipers)
After recovering from their encounter from the spider, the companions headed north in their search for rats. They eventually can to a T intersection and went left, upon hearing the faint scratching and squeaks they prepared for the Rats that they were sure were just ahead. They entered into the debris filled chamber with swords readied. The chaos began when Ren threw a ball of flame into the debris, the rats scattered attacking the party. The companions though tired, wounded and spells mostly depleted fought the dire rats without reserve. It took less than a minute for the party to vanquish the dire rats, although they put up some challenge as they swarmed the companions. As they finished off the last of the rats they began to hear the sound of slow clapping, first by one person and then joined in by others. As the companions, turned around to face their admirers they found themselves face to face with a very fresh looking Viper gang mocking their victory. Their leader a woman wearing a snake like a feather boa challenged them to surrender their rats or else. Exhausted, wounded and out of spells, they had no chance to resist the intimidation of a fresh gang of outlaws. So they chose to live rather than fight and surrendered the rat tails.
So with their life in hand they continued to explore the sewers in search of more rats.
In time they came to another junction with a sizable Dire rat nest. Making quick work of the fight they obtained the required number of dire rat tails and headed for the surface. Returning to streets above they headed for Omar’s with tails in hand. They completed the task but were the last to finish. They returned to the Inn that evening for a long hot bath and dinner.


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