Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 5: Down the Sewers

Session 5: Down the Sewers:
We continue our story with the companions in the sewers under Pashin heading east. After traveling a couple of hundred feet they came to a large room with a square column of worked stones in the center of the room. Apparently part of one of the artesian wells in the town. Surrounding the column was a massive pile of rubble and debris. The trash heap was so large that it caused the water and muck to rise up over the stone walkway, creating a dangerous passage of wet slimy stones making movement very treacherous as the companions neared the center of the room. Then they heard a loud belch, and some laughter. Taking a closer look, they spotted what appeared to be the foul smelling Agar or “gully” dwarves. The companions decided to parley with the dwarves to see if they had any rat tales. The “Dwarves” asked why did they wanted rat tails? The party offered money for rat tails. The “Dwarves” replied, leave money and go away. The party agreed and to of the “Dwarves” stepped out to collect the money. That’s when the party saw that the “Dwarves” were not really “Dwarves” but were goblins, disguised as “Dwarves” . so Valan then tried to intimidate the goblins. While two goblins retreated in cowardness, the goblin leader order then to attack. Soon the party found themselves in melee with a pack of goblins. At first the goblins seem to have the drop on the party shooting at them with crossbows from behind cover. The party responded in kind by shooting back. Sylanthanas, begin singing to inspire courage which proved to be a great boon to the party. Valan began his summoning spell to call the eagle “Javier” while Gavin, Devonet and Durkin fired their crossbows. Loki jumped into position to throw his daggers. Meanwhile, Ren produced a ball of flame in his hand and began to throw fire at the goblins. In desperation the goblins counter attacked with fierce anger. During the next few moments, several goblin attacks hit their marks, wounding Durkin, Davonet, Gavin and Loki. Next, Valan’s summoned eagle appeared and Valan shared his burning hands spell with his monkey who then jumped on the back and the flew to the opposite corner of the room and “Ham” the monkey let loose the burning hands spell. However, the goblin leader shoot the eagle with his bow, severely wounding it.
Gavin and Davonet both moved forward with swords in hand to challenge the goblins in armed combat. Gavin swung first missing high as the small goblin ducked under the mighty swing. However his next swing did not miss and he cleaved the filthy creature in half killing it instantly. Meanwhile, Loki, through his daggers, the first one missed landing with a thud in a log the goblin had been hiding behind. However, his second dagger was a clean hit to the goblin’s chest. Ren continued to throw balls of flame at the goblins. While Valan used his ray of frost on the leader. The goblins proved to be the toughest encounter the companions have faced. Fighting fiercely they severely wounded, several party members including; Gavin, Davonet, Durkin and Loki. The Goblin leader shot and killed the summoned eagle sending it back to the celestial plane it was summoned from. Finally in desperation Loki moved forward to gain a tactical advantage, Gavin see his ally’s move also moved for a flanking position. With both of them striking home to kill the fowl monster. Soon the tide of the combat favored the companions as two more goblins died from the burning hands spell. Durkin again tried to parley, trying to intimidate the remaining goblins to surrender or give over their rat tails. However, the goblin leader was staunch in his opposition. Finally after several well placed crossbow bolts the leader was dead, and the remain two goblins quickly fell as well.
The party searched the goblins and the trash heap for any sign of rats with out success, but did found some other valuables the goblins had been collecting from the town above, including a leather bag full of coins, and three ceramic vials of a blue liquid and two very high quality human sized daggers. Valan cast a detect magic spell and identified the three vials as healing potions.
With Loki, Gavin, Durkin and Davonet all severely wounded the each decided to drink one of the healing potions as well as the one they had found on the dark knight leader. After taking a minute to recover their weapons and gear, Loki claimed the two masterwork daggers found in the goblins lair, next the companions, decided to take the north passage.
Valan decided to send “Ham ahead to scout for life. And soon received and empathic feeling of something ahead.
Coming to the next sewer junction the party encountered a room with a large spider web with a large spider in it. They party moved in to attack and defend Ham who was about to become a spiders lunch.
Durkin moved in first followed by Davonet and Gavin, however due to the tight quarters Gavin got entangled by the spiders web but managed to break free. The spider bit the dwarf but Durkin was strong enough to resist the effects of its poison. In response Durkin came back with a mighty blow critical wounding the spider with a fatal blow to the head killing it.


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