Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 4: Kocky, Kender & Klaudia

Session 4: Kocky, Kender, Klaudia and Ghouls oh my!
Our story continues, with the companions entering the lava tube decending into the heart of the butte. Durkin took the point position, with Gavin next. After descending about 100 feet, the tube opened up into a small chamber. Durkin soon spotted the rooster cockatrice which was upset at his intrusion and was beginning to cock and strut in anger to try and scare aware the intruders. As Durkin and Gavin entered the cavern the Jabbercocky attacked, the taking flight and attacking Durkin while the hen took flight and attacked Gavin. With crossbows in hand the battle began. The first volleys missed their mark. The cockatrice counted with a vicious bite to Gavin at once he could feel the impact of the bite as the effects of its petrifying bite began to course through his arm where he was bitten. It was if his muscles, skin and bone began to slowly turn to stone becoming stiff and ridged. Soon the other companions entered into the melee, Ren begin by trying to charm them as animals but realized to late that they were not animals but magical beasts and were not affected by the druids charm of animals, so he then changed tactics and began throwing flaming spheres of fire at them, while Valan begin to summon an eagle. Davonet and Loki also made attacks. The Jabbercocky were vicious in their attacks biting both Durkin and Gavin. Finally after several melee attacks the companions defeated the cockatrices killing both of them. A search of the cave found the nest with the speckled blue egg they desired.
The companions took the egg and returned to the surface the way they entered. Descended back down the butte to their horses where they mounted and rode back to Pashin just before the sun set. Upon entering the plaza the learned they were the last team to finish, but had successfully completed the task. The team received a golden token for completing the first challenge of the games.
That evening they returned to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff, were they again spotted someone shadowing them, Sylanthanas spotted him first and recognized him as Reno the informant he had hired to help him find some lost elven relics. Other members of the party listened in on the conversation, and afterword Valan openly confronted Sylvanthanas as to what was going on, and what was he up to. Imtimidated by his brass challenge Sylanthanas, broke down and tiold them the he was search for some lost elven relics and hope the party would help him to find them.
Meanwhile Reno began to smirk as he watched the companions degenerate into petty bickering noticing his amusement the companions turned their attention to Reno, Valan challenged him, but Reno was not intimidated by his challenge, however, Loki glared at him and began manipulating a dagger in his hands with easy, insinuating he might start cutting, this proved to be an effective intimidation and Reno became very cooperative, the companions learned that the elven relics were possessed by Perginon the leader of the Raptors. He also stated they did not have a chance to win the games as the Raptors would win, finally, he revealed he was a Raptor. At this information the companions were not sure if he was a double agent or double crossing them. They asked Reno one finally question, about how to cure the petrifying bite, he suggested they find a cleric who could cast lesser restoration. He then left the Inn.
The next morning the companions awoke and after breakfast headed out the door toward the center of town. Along the way the came upon an acrobatic troupe performing in the street, consisting of a tall Khurish nomad, a female half-elf and and a female afflicted kender. The troupe was struggling to impress the crowd with their performance and at one point the man lost his footing and began to drop the kender, the crowd turned hostile toward the troupe, actual started taunting, jeering and cat calling the troupe. However, the party was able to save the day by stepping up just in the nick of time to catch the kender, next Valan decided to have his monkey perform for the crowd but this idea backfired as the crowd was now inspired to jeer the troupe since they had been outclassed by a monkey. Sylanthanas stepped next and begain to play his lute and sing while Valan augment his song with symphonic accompaniment via the ghost sound spell the troupe inspired by the music began to perform again as Loki joined in. The much improved performance enlighted the crowd which became much friendlier after that and rewarded the troup with several silver and copper coins and even a few steel pieces.
The companions arrived early at the plaza. Yesif and his entourage arrived and explained the day’s contest, which begins with a race to a ceramic markers shop to find a colored urn with a clue in it.
With the sounding of the horn the race began. Loki remembered the location of a ceramic makers shop on the northwest wall. So the companions headed in that direction, when some noticed they were being shadowed. This time the group split and Davonet continued to go for the blue urn while others tried to catch the shadow on their tail. With their clue in hand the deciphered the next challenge would lead them to Omar’s Oddities, an old apothecary shop on the north west side of town. It was there that some of the companions cornered their shadow. He turned out to be a member of the vipers. Valan and Loki pressed him for information using intimidating tactics forcing him to reveal he was a viper who was spying on them to try and gain an advantage for the vipers. Convinced that was all he knew that let him go.
Meanwhile, inside the others met Klaudia, a half ogress apothecary who makes and sells potions. She gave them the next challenge which was to achieve 7 dire rat tails for a potion she was brewing. With this new challenge the companions decided to head to the sewers to search for dire rats. They found an old grate about two bocks away which just happened to be the same one near the inn of the flying hippogriff, wear they had stuffed the bodies of the dead dark knights. The descended in the sewer with Durkin in the lead. With multiple choices of directions to travel the group decided to head south. After about 100 yards they came upon some of the dead dark knight bodies, their was not much of them left as they had been thoroughly gnawed and eaten with only a few bones left. However, they quickly discovered what had been feasting on the bodies as two ghouls and a ghast emerged from the sewer and ruble to attack the fresh meat the smelled of the party. At first Dunkin was able to easily parry their attacks but as they pressed in he was outnumbered 3 to 1 and his companions were limited in the tight quarters as to what support they could provide. Eventually Davonet was able to attack the ghast, while Valan summoned his eagle. Durkin continue to fight all three. Sylvanthanas decided to try and cast a sleep spell on the undead only to fell in the attempt and discovered in the process that undead and not effected by sleep magic and so he decided next to use his whip to swing over to the other side to get an advantage but slipped in the try and ended up in the sewer muck. While other began to shoot at the ghast with crossbows. While Valan, envoked his monkey with burning hands and had him climb upon the back of the eagle. The two then flew across the sewer where the monkey then released the burning hands spell on the three undead monsters. Loki tossed his dagger at the ghast and then a second that Valan loaned him, the first missed and landed in the sewer, the second hit the ghast. Eventually the companions brought down the undead. Since Sylanthanas was already in the sewer he retrieved Loki’s dagger before climbing out of the muck.
Unfortunately he could do little to rid himself of the muck and smell. From there the companions headed east.


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