Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 3 Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

Session 3: 3/10/13 Let The Games Begin

Our story continues at the Inn of the Prancing Pony, where just moments before the party started a bar fight and killed a squad of dark knight soldiers who were searching for horse thieves and elves. After taking a minute to go through their pockets and appropriate some of their weapons and coins. They dragged the bodies down the alley and dumped them into the sewer. As it turned out, the squad leader, a sergeant carried a masterwork bastard sword with the insignia of the skull & lily and had a potion, which Valan detected as a healing potion, and a tangle foot bag.
After cleaning up the mess, the group decided to leave and returned to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff to spend the night.
The next morning, the party awoke Loki, Durkin and Sylanthanas had not completely healed from their wounds received the night before in the bar fight. So they decided to visit the temple and try to get some healing. On the way to the temple, they noticed that someone was shadowing the group. Durkin, decided to break off and hang back, but lost the shadow in the alley. When their reached the temple they spotted the shadow again and tried to chase him but he alluded the group once again.
After getting healed they went to the Inn of the Prancing Pony were they met Lodar Stonehand who gave them blue sashes as they would be the blue team in the Games. At High Sanction everyone gathered in the plaza. There were five teams in all, The first team was the Red Team, the team was made up of all humans, and all were members of the Raptors, some looked like ex-dark knights.
The second team was the Black Scorpion team, they were black desert robes and sashes.
The Blue team consisted of the party members and Lodar introduced the team as the magnificent seven.
The next team was the green Vipers, they were the meanest looking of the teams, their leader was a half ogre, and they also had a ogre as a team member, many of them had full body tatoo’s, it was whispered in the crowd that the Ogre was nicknamed python for he loved to crush his opponents, the Dark Skinned egrothian sorcerer was nicknamed black momba, others were nicknamed, rattler, cottonmouth, or copperhead.
The final team was the Mikku who wore white desert robes and sashes.
The games master, Yesif explained the first challenge to the teams. Each team was to race to the bazaar and find a colored ring with a clue and complete a task. At noon the games began with the sounding of the horn.
At the sounding of the horn the teams raced to the bazaar. The blue team got to the bazaar third and got to the blue ring banner floating in the air, when they grabbed it in turned into a scroll, Sylanthanas read the clues to the group. Meanwhile Valan, ran over to the white ring and grabbed it. When the Mikku saw him take their ring the called him out for being dishonorable. He quickly realized his error and gave them their scroll.
The group then focused on solving the clues. The soon figured out they needed a map and mounts to go to a tower in the desert. Next they deduced the tower was a black stone butte east of town.
The headed over to one of the horse barns were they met Brannik the Centaur horsemaster, he rented them each a horse for 10 steel coins for the day. He reminded them that no mistreatment of his horses would be tolerated. With reins in hand they rode at in search of the black butte.
Two hours of hard riding later they reached the black butte, in the distance ahead they could spot some of the other teams, beginning to climb the butte; however the Mikku were flanking the tower to the right, so the group followed and found a goat trail leading to the top. They followed the trail until it split and they continued up to the top. Once on top they found evidence of large campfires. Soon they found an old lava tube descending into the butte. They entered into the tube and began to descend into the mount.


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