Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 2: Trouble at the Prancing Pony

Trouble at the Prancing Pony

Session 2: Trouble at the Prancing Pony Inn

Our story continues, the young adventures had just come to the rescue of [Mayleaf] a six year old Kender child, and her father an afflicted Kender named [Kelwick]. They had subdued [Hograth] the drunken egrothian and turned him over to the town watch. They continued toward the cental plaza, passing through the western merchant district. It was near high sanction, when they entered the plaza. A town crier was ringing a bell, and calling together a crowd for a special decree from the honorable mayor [Lord Togh]. It was decreed that on the morrow the annual [Yule Games] would begin. Teams will compete for treasure and bragging rights.
The games will begin with registration at high sanction tomorrow for teams of seven.
After the proclamation was made they group headed over to the [Inn of the Prancing Pony] for lunch. While their the ran into the dwarf [Lodar Stonehand] whom they meet at the [Inn of the Flying Hippogriff] the night before. They spoke briefly with him about what he was looking for, and made arrangements to meet his benefactor that evening here at the Prancing Pony. After lunch, the group decided to split into two groups, the first group included, [Valan] and [Ren] who went to the western merchant district. There first stop was a tailor’s shop, were they met [Sanzibar] the gnome tailor and his big fat orange tabby cat, “Puss”. Sansabar, is dressed if very fine silks, with a lacy and lavendar poufy blouse with bright red tights, he has a velvet violet bera with a large pink feather. He speaks with a slight lisp. Hi’ah fellows, How can I help you, then taking a closer look, at Valan and Ren, Oh, yes, I can definitely help you two. Let me see now, how about…em…? Yes, I know, How about something in a mint green it would so accent you beautify green eyes. No?. maybe lavender ? It would so highlight your elven features, you know, come to think of it, you are the only elvish folks I have seen for a while, in fact, ever since those icky black knights showed up, I have not seen any elves.
Really a grey travelling cloak, Oh that is so boring and drab. Really I can’t convince you to flaunt those big green eyes. Oh well, ok something to blend in, I guess you will want some plan boring desert robes. Boy since those dark knights arrived six months ago, business has really dropped off, not even the nobles come around to shop any more. Why if it weren’t for the songbirgs I would not have any business at all.
Well here is your desert robes. That will be 10 steel each. And if you need something more bling and zig I am your gnome.
After getting some clothing to help them blend-in they head out to get some weapons. Heading over to the bazaar, they visited, Al Ika the Bowyer where Valan purchased a light crossbow and bolts. Next the went to tent of Blackiron forge, were they met the dwaren merchant who sells dwarven made weapons, here Valan purchased a dagger. Over at Jumar’s booth he found a nice quarterstaff.
Meanwhile, Durkin, Gavin and Loki headed over to the [Temple of the Stars]. The temple was very old, at least 1000 years old, it was made out of sandstone on its roof a golden dome with a star on top, at its front doors standing on each side is two large statues each holding up arch of the doors. The great wooden doors are open to let all enter. Inside the temple they were multiple effigies and icons of various gods. Unlike most temples in Krynn which are dedicated to one god, this temple appears to honor all of them. The walls a covered in mosaic tiles and frescos, each depicting the different gods, many of the tiles were worn or missing. Gavin was able to identify two that had the symbol of the Triangle of Palidine and the Teardrops of Mishikal. The Horse lord appeareed to be similar to the Bison of Kiri-Jolith. The temple had only one occupant, a elderly priest with moss green robes. He introduced himself as [Father Micah Ib’n Garl]. He was friendly and wise with his words. He advised that the knights of Solamnia were not currently welcome in Pashin by the dark knights. He spoke to [Gavin] indicating he seemed to be called for some higher purpose, a touch of destiny. Micah, spoke other words of wisdom and said he would meditate on Gavin’s destiny and offer that if the need should arrive he could provide healing for a small donation.
Meanwhile, [Sylynthanas] meet with Lodar to find an informant to track some lost elven artifacts. Lodar meet with a local contact named Reno who agreed to look around.
That evening, the would be heroes returned to the Inn of the Prancing Pony. Davonet, Ren and Loki observed a man in desert robes, entering the Inn and walking over to join Lodar. They spoke briefly, then Lodar got up and went in the back room where the cloak Sylynthanas, returned with him. He spoke to stranger, and listened carefully to what he had discovered. After he was done he gave him a small pouch of money for the information. The stranger the departed.
A while later the group went over to meet the dwarf, who explained he was representing a benefactor who wanted to sponsor a team in the Yule games, the conversation was going well when the sound of goose stepping armored men was heard just outside the Inn. A moment later, the front doors burst open and nine armored [Dark Knights] marched in. eight of the soldiers wore heavy plate armor and carried Bastard swords and crossbows. Their tabards had the sign of the lily and the skull.
The leader stepped forward, and stated a mock greeting of pleasantry and said they were here to ask a few questions and that they were looking for some outlaws.
He then commanded his men to spread out and search the room. Immediately and as stealthy as possible one patron slipped out the back of the inn. The soldiers, began to walk around looking over the inn patrons. Next several things happened all at once. One of the soldiers came up to Loki and pointed at him and said, hey you look like that horse thief that stole the generals prized horse yesterday, Loki, reply sorry friend you must have me confused with someone else, I am not who you are looking for. The soldier believed him and turned away. The leader walked past Sylynthanas, stopped and pulled down his hood, revealing his elven ears and heritage, and declaired “Elven Spy”. The other soldiers took up positions around the room and pointed crossbows at the elf. Next several more things happened at once. Valan created the sound of someone yelling “elf spy” at the far end of the bar, this distracted three of the soldier who turned to investigate. Second, Ren cast a fire spell and hurled it at the leader who was confronting the elf. Loki drew his short sword and stabbed the soldier in front of him in the back. And someone in the Inn yelled “BAR FIGHT” and all chaos broke loose. Several patrons smashed chairs or bottles over some of the soldiers heads or backs. While the dark knights fought back.
Davonet’, Gavin and Durkin all drew there weapons and attacked a dark knight near them.
Two of the knights attacked Sylynthanas wounding him. The other knights also joined in attacking the party members. Next the bard attempted to jump upon the table, he missed his footing and landed on his knees, but regaining his composure he began to sing a rousing battle hymn to inspire all the patrons in the bar against the dark knights. Several attacks were exchanged between the combatants, but it took less than a minute to subdue or kill all of the dark knights. As the fight ended Gavin grappled and pinned the last wounded dark knight. Valan and Davonet’ interrogated him, he mentioned that someone tipped off the knights that the elf was at the Inn. So they double-timed it over to the Inn. He also said the leader of the knights was [General Dogah].
After the battle was over Lodar state the he thought the group would make a good team and that he would sponsor the team in the Yule Games and that his benefactor would be the seventh.
When asked what to do with the bodies of the knights Lodar suggested tossing them in the sewer.


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