Dragonlance Age of Dispair

Session 6: Spiders and Snakes (vipers)

Session 6: Spiders and Snakes (Vipers)
After recovering from their encounter from the spider, the companions headed north in their search for rats. They eventually can to a T intersection and went left, upon hearing the faint scratching and squeaks they prepared for the Rats that they were sure were just ahead. They entered into the debris filled chamber with swords readied. The chaos began when Ren threw a ball of flame into the debris, the rats scattered attacking the party. The companions though tired, wounded and spells mostly depleted fought the dire rats without reserve. It took less than a minute for the party to vanquish the dire rats, although they put up some challenge as they swarmed the companions. As they finished off the last of the rats they began to hear the sound of slow clapping, first by one person and then joined in by others. As the companions, turned around to face their admirers they found themselves face to face with a very fresh looking Viper gang mocking their victory. Their leader a woman wearing a snake like a feather boa challenged them to surrender their rats or else. Exhausted, wounded and out of spells, they had no chance to resist the intimidation of a fresh gang of outlaws. So they chose to live rather than fight and surrendered the rat tails.
So with their life in hand they continued to explore the sewers in search of more rats.
In time they came to another junction with a sizable Dire rat nest. Making quick work of the fight they obtained the required number of dire rat tails and headed for the surface. Returning to streets above they headed for Omar’s with tails in hand. They completed the task but were the last to finish. They returned to the Inn that evening for a long hot bath and dinner.

Session 5: Down the Sewers

Session 5: Down the Sewers:
We continue our story with the companions in the sewers under Pashin heading east. After traveling a couple of hundred feet they came to a large room with a square column of worked stones in the center of the room. Apparently part of one of the artesian wells in the town. Surrounding the column was a massive pile of rubble and debris. The trash heap was so large that it caused the water and muck to rise up over the stone walkway, creating a dangerous passage of wet slimy stones making movement very treacherous as the companions neared the center of the room. Then they heard a loud belch, and some laughter. Taking a closer look, they spotted what appeared to be the foul smelling Agar or “gully” dwarves. The companions decided to parley with the dwarves to see if they had any rat tales. The “Dwarves” asked why did they wanted rat tails? The party offered money for rat tails. The “Dwarves” replied, leave money and go away. The party agreed and to of the “Dwarves” stepped out to collect the money. That’s when the party saw that the “Dwarves” were not really “Dwarves” but were goblins, disguised as “Dwarves” . so Valan then tried to intimidate the goblins. While two goblins retreated in cowardness, the goblin leader order then to attack. Soon the party found themselves in melee with a pack of goblins. At first the goblins seem to have the drop on the party shooting at them with crossbows from behind cover. The party responded in kind by shooting back. Sylanthanas, begin singing to inspire courage which proved to be a great boon to the party. Valan began his summoning spell to call the eagle “Javier” while Gavin, Devonet and Durkin fired their crossbows. Loki jumped into position to throw his daggers. Meanwhile, Ren produced a ball of flame in his hand and began to throw fire at the goblins. In desperation the goblins counter attacked with fierce anger. During the next few moments, several goblin attacks hit their marks, wounding Durkin, Davonet, Gavin and Loki. Next, Valan’s summoned eagle appeared and Valan shared his burning hands spell with his monkey who then jumped on the back and the flew to the opposite corner of the room and “Ham” the monkey let loose the burning hands spell. However, the goblin leader shoot the eagle with his bow, severely wounding it.
Gavin and Davonet both moved forward with swords in hand to challenge the goblins in armed combat. Gavin swung first missing high as the small goblin ducked under the mighty swing. However his next swing did not miss and he cleaved the filthy creature in half killing it instantly. Meanwhile, Loki, through his daggers, the first one missed landing with a thud in a log the goblin had been hiding behind. However, his second dagger was a clean hit to the goblin’s chest. Ren continued to throw balls of flame at the goblins. While Valan used his ray of frost on the leader. The goblins proved to be the toughest encounter the companions have faced. Fighting fiercely they severely wounded, several party members including; Gavin, Davonet, Durkin and Loki. The Goblin leader shot and killed the summoned eagle sending it back to the celestial plane it was summoned from. Finally in desperation Loki moved forward to gain a tactical advantage, Gavin see his ally’s move also moved for a flanking position. With both of them striking home to kill the fowl monster. Soon the tide of the combat favored the companions as two more goblins died from the burning hands spell. Durkin again tried to parley, trying to intimidate the remaining goblins to surrender or give over their rat tails. However, the goblin leader was staunch in his opposition. Finally after several well placed crossbow bolts the leader was dead, and the remain two goblins quickly fell as well.
The party searched the goblins and the trash heap for any sign of rats with out success, but did found some other valuables the goblins had been collecting from the town above, including a leather bag full of coins, and three ceramic vials of a blue liquid and two very high quality human sized daggers. Valan cast a detect magic spell and identified the three vials as healing potions.
With Loki, Gavin, Durkin and Davonet all severely wounded the each decided to drink one of the healing potions as well as the one they had found on the dark knight leader. After taking a minute to recover their weapons and gear, Loki claimed the two masterwork daggers found in the goblins lair, next the companions, decided to take the north passage.
Valan decided to send “Ham ahead to scout for life. And soon received and empathic feeling of something ahead.
Coming to the next sewer junction the party encountered a room with a large spider web with a large spider in it. They party moved in to attack and defend Ham who was about to become a spiders lunch.
Durkin moved in first followed by Davonet and Gavin, however due to the tight quarters Gavin got entangled by the spiders web but managed to break free. The spider bit the dwarf but Durkin was strong enough to resist the effects of its poison. In response Durkin came back with a mighty blow critical wounding the spider with a fatal blow to the head killing it.

Session 4: Kocky, Kender & Klaudia

Session 4: Kocky, Kender, Klaudia and Ghouls oh my!
Our story continues, with the companions entering the lava tube decending into the heart of the butte. Durkin took the point position, with Gavin next. After descending about 100 feet, the tube opened up into a small chamber. Durkin soon spotted the rooster cockatrice which was upset at his intrusion and was beginning to cock and strut in anger to try and scare aware the intruders. As Durkin and Gavin entered the cavern the Jabbercocky attacked, the taking flight and attacking Durkin while the hen took flight and attacked Gavin. With crossbows in hand the battle began. The first volleys missed their mark. The cockatrice counted with a vicious bite to Gavin at once he could feel the impact of the bite as the effects of its petrifying bite began to course through his arm where he was bitten. It was if his muscles, skin and bone began to slowly turn to stone becoming stiff and ridged. Soon the other companions entered into the melee, Ren begin by trying to charm them as animals but realized to late that they were not animals but magical beasts and were not affected by the druids charm of animals, so he then changed tactics and began throwing flaming spheres of fire at them, while Valan begin to summon an eagle. Davonet and Loki also made attacks. The Jabbercocky were vicious in their attacks biting both Durkin and Gavin. Finally after several melee attacks the companions defeated the cockatrices killing both of them. A search of the cave found the nest with the speckled blue egg they desired.
The companions took the egg and returned to the surface the way they entered. Descended back down the butte to their horses where they mounted and rode back to Pashin just before the sun set. Upon entering the plaza the learned they were the last team to finish, but had successfully completed the task. The team received a golden token for completing the first challenge of the games.
That evening they returned to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff, were they again spotted someone shadowing them, Sylanthanas spotted him first and recognized him as Reno the informant he had hired to help him find some lost elven relics. Other members of the party listened in on the conversation, and afterword Valan openly confronted Sylvanthanas as to what was going on, and what was he up to. Imtimidated by his brass challenge Sylanthanas, broke down and tiold them the he was search for some lost elven relics and hope the party would help him to find them.
Meanwhile Reno began to smirk as he watched the companions degenerate into petty bickering noticing his amusement the companions turned their attention to Reno, Valan challenged him, but Reno was not intimidated by his challenge, however, Loki glared at him and began manipulating a dagger in his hands with easy, insinuating he might start cutting, this proved to be an effective intimidation and Reno became very cooperative, the companions learned that the elven relics were possessed by Perginon the leader of the Raptors. He also stated they did not have a chance to win the games as the Raptors would win, finally, he revealed he was a Raptor. At this information the companions were not sure if he was a double agent or double crossing them. They asked Reno one finally question, about how to cure the petrifying bite, he suggested they find a cleric who could cast lesser restoration. He then left the Inn.
The next morning the companions awoke and after breakfast headed out the door toward the center of town. Along the way the came upon an acrobatic troupe performing in the street, consisting of a tall Khurish nomad, a female half-elf and and a female afflicted kender. The troupe was struggling to impress the crowd with their performance and at one point the man lost his footing and began to drop the kender, the crowd turned hostile toward the troupe, actual started taunting, jeering and cat calling the troupe. However, the party was able to save the day by stepping up just in the nick of time to catch the kender, next Valan decided to have his monkey perform for the crowd but this idea backfired as the crowd was now inspired to jeer the troupe since they had been outclassed by a monkey. Sylanthanas stepped next and begain to play his lute and sing while Valan augment his song with symphonic accompaniment via the ghost sound spell the troupe inspired by the music began to perform again as Loki joined in. The much improved performance enlighted the crowd which became much friendlier after that and rewarded the troup with several silver and copper coins and even a few steel pieces.
The companions arrived early at the plaza. Yesif and his entourage arrived and explained the day’s contest, which begins with a race to a ceramic markers shop to find a colored urn with a clue in it.
With the sounding of the horn the race began. Loki remembered the location of a ceramic makers shop on the northwest wall. So the companions headed in that direction, when some noticed they were being shadowed. This time the group split and Davonet continued to go for the blue urn while others tried to catch the shadow on their tail. With their clue in hand the deciphered the next challenge would lead them to Omar’s Oddities, an old apothecary shop on the north west side of town. It was there that some of the companions cornered their shadow. He turned out to be a member of the vipers. Valan and Loki pressed him for information using intimidating tactics forcing him to reveal he was a viper who was spying on them to try and gain an advantage for the vipers. Convinced that was all he knew that let him go.
Meanwhile, inside the others met Klaudia, a half ogress apothecary who makes and sells potions. She gave them the next challenge which was to achieve 7 dire rat tails for a potion she was brewing. With this new challenge the companions decided to head to the sewers to search for dire rats. They found an old grate about two bocks away which just happened to be the same one near the inn of the flying hippogriff, wear they had stuffed the bodies of the dead dark knights. The descended in the sewer with Durkin in the lead. With multiple choices of directions to travel the group decided to head south. After about 100 yards they came upon some of the dead dark knight bodies, their was not much of them left as they had been thoroughly gnawed and eaten with only a few bones left. However, they quickly discovered what had been feasting on the bodies as two ghouls and a ghast emerged from the sewer and ruble to attack the fresh meat the smelled of the party. At first Dunkin was able to easily parry their attacks but as they pressed in he was outnumbered 3 to 1 and his companions were limited in the tight quarters as to what support they could provide. Eventually Davonet was able to attack the ghast, while Valan summoned his eagle. Durkin continue to fight all three. Sylvanthanas decided to try and cast a sleep spell on the undead only to fell in the attempt and discovered in the process that undead and not effected by sleep magic and so he decided next to use his whip to swing over to the other side to get an advantage but slipped in the try and ended up in the sewer muck. While other began to shoot at the ghast with crossbows. While Valan, envoked his monkey with burning hands and had him climb upon the back of the eagle. The two then flew across the sewer where the monkey then released the burning hands spell on the three undead monsters. Loki tossed his dagger at the ghast and then a second that Valan loaned him, the first missed and landed in the sewer, the second hit the ghast. Eventually the companions brought down the undead. Since Sylanthanas was already in the sewer he retrieved Loki’s dagger before climbing out of the muck.
Unfortunately he could do little to rid himself of the muck and smell. From there the companions headed east.

Session 3 Let the Games Begin
Let the Games Begin

Session 3: 3/10/13 Let The Games Begin

Our story continues at the Inn of the Prancing Pony, where just moments before the party started a bar fight and killed a squad of dark knight soldiers who were searching for horse thieves and elves. After taking a minute to go through their pockets and appropriate some of their weapons and coins. They dragged the bodies down the alley and dumped them into the sewer. As it turned out, the squad leader, a sergeant carried a masterwork bastard sword with the insignia of the skull & lily and had a potion, which Valan detected as a healing potion, and a tangle foot bag.
After cleaning up the mess, the group decided to leave and returned to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff to spend the night.
The next morning, the party awoke Loki, Durkin and Sylanthanas had not completely healed from their wounds received the night before in the bar fight. So they decided to visit the temple and try to get some healing. On the way to the temple, they noticed that someone was shadowing the group. Durkin, decided to break off and hang back, but lost the shadow in the alley. When their reached the temple they spotted the shadow again and tried to chase him but he alluded the group once again.
After getting healed they went to the Inn of the Prancing Pony were they met Lodar Stonehand who gave them blue sashes as they would be the blue team in the Games. At High Sanction everyone gathered in the plaza. There were five teams in all, The first team was the Red Team, the team was made up of all humans, and all were members of the Raptors, some looked like ex-dark knights.
The second team was the Black Scorpion team, they were black desert robes and sashes.
The Blue team consisted of the party members and Lodar introduced the team as the magnificent seven.
The next team was the green Vipers, they were the meanest looking of the teams, their leader was a half ogre, and they also had a ogre as a team member, many of them had full body tatoo’s, it was whispered in the crowd that the Ogre was nicknamed python for he loved to crush his opponents, the Dark Skinned egrothian sorcerer was nicknamed black momba, others were nicknamed, rattler, cottonmouth, or copperhead.
The final team was the Mikku who wore white desert robes and sashes.
The games master, Yesif explained the first challenge to the teams. Each team was to race to the bazaar and find a colored ring with a clue and complete a task. At noon the games began with the sounding of the horn.
At the sounding of the horn the teams raced to the bazaar. The blue team got to the bazaar third and got to the blue ring banner floating in the air, when they grabbed it in turned into a scroll, Sylanthanas read the clues to the group. Meanwhile Valan, ran over to the white ring and grabbed it. When the Mikku saw him take their ring the called him out for being dishonorable. He quickly realized his error and gave them their scroll.
The group then focused on solving the clues. The soon figured out they needed a map and mounts to go to a tower in the desert. Next they deduced the tower was a black stone butte east of town.
The headed over to one of the horse barns were they met Brannik the Centaur horsemaster, he rented them each a horse for 10 steel coins for the day. He reminded them that no mistreatment of his horses would be tolerated. With reins in hand they rode at in search of the black butte.
Two hours of hard riding later they reached the black butte, in the distance ahead they could spot some of the other teams, beginning to climb the butte; however the Mikku were flanking the tower to the right, so the group followed and found a goat trail leading to the top. They followed the trail until it split and they continued up to the top. Once on top they found evidence of large campfires. Soon they found an old lava tube descending into the butte. They entered into the tube and began to descend into the mount.

Session 1: Journey to Pashin

Adventure Log
Session 1: Journey to Pashin
Our story begins deep in the elven forest kingdom of Silvanesti located on the southern continent of Ansolan. It is a dark time for the elves of Silvanesti. Since the time of Lorac the lands have been cursed, twisted and evil. Just as some of the land was beginning to be healed, Another war came to the elves. Over the last two years war has come yet again to their forest. First came the Dark Knights of Neraka lead by Mena the warrior priestess of the Dark Queen, but then the Knights were betrayed by their allies the Minotaurs. The elves had no choice but in great despair to leave their ancient homeland for good.
Sympathic to their plight, the Sir Brenin Winslow Knight of Solamnia a knight of the Crown, decided to go and aid the elves in their escape to freedom, with him he took a small band of knights and his squire a young Gavin Silverblade.
During a fierce combat with the minotaurs, Sir Winslow order the young Gavin to take command of the women and children and lead them to safety. Meanwhile the knights put up a strong defense to shield the escape of the women and children. Gavin led them north learning of hidden trails used by other refugees to flee to the north. They traveled for three days before finding the druid Ren who hid them in a cave and gave them food and water. Ren then helped them further by leading them out of the forest to the border land a vast savannah, there they came to another small cave at the edge of the forest, here the met Valan a young sorcerer. After resting the night he also joined the group and they continued north. Some of them had heard that many of the elves had gone north to the border town of Pashin. For two days they traveled across the great grassland. Eventual, they came to meadow where a Sheppard was grazing sheep and goats.
From their vantage point they spotted a pair of Hyenas circling the herd, taking quick action Valan summoned an eagle to help them. The hyenas pounced first charging one of the sheep. Ren shouted a warning and charged into the fray. The others followed in short order one was dead and the other ran off, having given up on a mutton dinner.
They met the Sheppard whose name was Sinjab. He told them Pashin was a day away, he suggested they stay at the inn of the prancing pony, he sales his goat cheese to the inn. He warns the group to beware of the dark knights.
The next day they continued north eventually coming to a road traveling east and west. Turning east they continued toward Pashin soon coming to the Thon Thalas river and a ferry crossing. Finding a rams horn hang from a post and blowing it they called the ferry master on the eastern shore. The ferry man came out of a small hut on the far shore and pulled the ferry across the river to the west side, as he approached they could see he was a retired old mariner with salt and pepper beard and hair a crotchety spirit, he introduced himself as Zebulon or “Zeb”.
Zeb reported that the number of travelers and caravans has dropped off since the dark knights came six months ago. He also said that the darks knights did like elves and they best keep hid.
Continuing east they group came to a dry river crossing in the distance they spotted two riders at full gallop. Deciding quickly to take cover the group ducted out of sight, as the riders came near, they could see they were riding bareback and without bit or bridle. They jumped over a log and one of them fell off on the landing, the other just kept on riding with both horses. The second rider landed in a large sage brush. He spoken something in his local tongue but no one understood what he said so he spoke in the common tongue, warning everyone to hide as the dark knights were coming.
A minute later four horseman came each wearing the armor and markings of the knights of Neraka, Taking heed his warning they stayed hidden until the knights passed.
After the knights passed introductions were made and the fallen rider introduced himself as Loki, he offered to guide the group into Pashin. Loki, had grown up in Pashin and had many contacts in the city. He explained that his friend Khalid and him had rescued two of the Mikku’s price horses from the dark knights who had acquired them by impounding them from the Mikku.
Loki then led them to the great bazaar just outside the town gates. There he met a beggar named Rami, he told Loki to take the elves to the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff, and ask for Tamara, she is sympathetic to the elves.
From there, the group headed to the west gate. He the party was challenged by the town guard, and a large burly sergeant named Kadar, he eyed the elves suspiciously, and gruffly stated that refugees were not welcome, when it appeared that he was not going to accept Loki’s proclamation that these were his friends, he offered that it had been a while since caravan traders had come to town and everyone knows, how generous caravan traders are as he held out his hand. Gavin, not wanting to cause a seen, gave the old guard a steel coin. Kadar then made a grand bow and with a sweeping gesture of his hand and a broad smile said welcome to Pashin, stepping aside to let the party enter.
The group headed in the direction of the Inn of the Flying Hippogriff. Upon arriving at the inn, they met Tamara, who upon seeing the elven women and children, bid the group to quickly come with her and asked the women and children to follow. After seeing to their needs she returned to the party to thank them for their help, in addition, to her usual customers there were two other strangers at the inn, a dwarf, with a battle axe, and a large bald headed human with a long sword slung over his shoulder. Later, that evening a finely dressed dwarf entered the inn. He spoke to Tamara and then posted a notice on the wall. It read, wanted for individuals for discrete work, some adventure and risk involved, discretion required, see Lodar Stonehand, on Yule eve at sunset at the Inn of the prancing pony.
After a comfortable nights rest, they awoke the next day and after breakfast headed out to explore Pashin.
As they group headed toward the center of town they heard the sound of a child crying and a gruff man yelling with slurred speech. Upon turning the corner the found a large dark skinned egrothian man threatening a little girl, and a very sad looking kender who was trying to defender the girl. The egrothian had two accomplices with him. Gavin seeing the injustice of the situation acted quickly, challenging the drunken brute, to leave the child alone, and pick on someone his own size. He turned to attack Gavin, missing wildly, Gavin in return, punched him with the pommel of his blade, He made a second wild swing, this time Gavin bull rushed him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him to the ground, as the party closed in, the other two the fled, leaving their fallen leader behind.
It turned out that the egrothian was named Hograth and he had lost his money bag the night before. The little girl whose name was Mayleaf and her father the kender named Kelwick, were grateful for the help. The little girl saw the big man fall down and went to try and help him up. When he realized his money was gone he accused the kender of theft. Seeing the truth of the situation Gavin turned Hograth over to the town watch.
In gratitude Kelwick offered to be a guide to the party or to help if needed. Kelwick was not like most kender, who are happy go lucky, instead, Kelwick seemed to be overcome with grief and sorry as if some great tragedy had sucked all the joy and wanderlust from him.
The other two thugs were able to duck into cover and managed to escape the pursuit of the party. After the encounter the party decided to continue toward the center of town.

Session 2: Trouble at the Prancing Pony
Trouble at the Prancing Pony

Session 2: Trouble at the Prancing Pony Inn

Our story continues, the young adventures had just come to the rescue of [Mayleaf] a six year old Kender child, and her father an afflicted Kender named [Kelwick]. They had subdued [Hograth] the drunken egrothian and turned him over to the town watch. They continued toward the cental plaza, passing through the western merchant district. It was near high sanction, when they entered the plaza. A town crier was ringing a bell, and calling together a crowd for a special decree from the honorable mayor [Lord Togh]. It was decreed that on the morrow the annual [Yule Games] would begin. Teams will compete for treasure and bragging rights.
The games will begin with registration at high sanction tomorrow for teams of seven.
After the proclamation was made they group headed over to the [Inn of the Prancing Pony] for lunch. While their the ran into the dwarf [Lodar Stonehand] whom they meet at the [Inn of the Flying Hippogriff] the night before. They spoke briefly with him about what he was looking for, and made arrangements to meet his benefactor that evening here at the Prancing Pony. After lunch, the group decided to split into two groups, the first group included, [Valan] and [Ren] who went to the western merchant district. There first stop was a tailor’s shop, were they met [Sanzibar] the gnome tailor and his big fat orange tabby cat, “Puss”. Sansabar, is dressed if very fine silks, with a lacy and lavendar poufy blouse with bright red tights, he has a velvet violet bera with a large pink feather. He speaks with a slight lisp. Hi’ah fellows, How can I help you, then taking a closer look, at Valan and Ren, Oh, yes, I can definitely help you two. Let me see now, how about…em…? Yes, I know, How about something in a mint green it would so accent you beautify green eyes. No?. maybe lavender ? It would so highlight your elven features, you know, come to think of it, you are the only elvish folks I have seen for a while, in fact, ever since those icky black knights showed up, I have not seen any elves.
Really a grey travelling cloak, Oh that is so boring and drab. Really I can’t convince you to flaunt those big green eyes. Oh well, ok something to blend in, I guess you will want some plan boring desert robes. Boy since those dark knights arrived six months ago, business has really dropped off, not even the nobles come around to shop any more. Why if it weren’t for the songbirgs I would not have any business at all.
Well here is your desert robes. That will be 10 steel each. And if you need something more bling and zig I am your gnome.
After getting some clothing to help them blend-in they head out to get some weapons. Heading over to the bazaar, they visited, Al Ika the Bowyer where Valan purchased a light crossbow and bolts. Next the went to tent of Blackiron forge, were they met the dwaren merchant who sells dwarven made weapons, here Valan purchased a dagger. Over at Jumar’s booth he found a nice quarterstaff.
Meanwhile, Durkin, Gavin and Loki headed over to the [Temple of the Stars]. The temple was very old, at least 1000 years old, it was made out of sandstone on its roof a golden dome with a star on top, at its front doors standing on each side is two large statues each holding up arch of the doors. The great wooden doors are open to let all enter. Inside the temple they were multiple effigies and icons of various gods. Unlike most temples in Krynn which are dedicated to one god, this temple appears to honor all of them. The walls a covered in mosaic tiles and frescos, each depicting the different gods, many of the tiles were worn or missing. Gavin was able to identify two that had the symbol of the Triangle of Palidine and the Teardrops of Mishikal. The Horse lord appeareed to be similar to the Bison of Kiri-Jolith. The temple had only one occupant, a elderly priest with moss green robes. He introduced himself as [Father Micah Ib’n Garl]. He was friendly and wise with his words. He advised that the knights of Solamnia were not currently welcome in Pashin by the dark knights. He spoke to [Gavin] indicating he seemed to be called for some higher purpose, a touch of destiny. Micah, spoke other words of wisdom and said he would meditate on Gavin’s destiny and offer that if the need should arrive he could provide healing for a small donation.
Meanwhile, [Sylynthanas] meet with Lodar to find an informant to track some lost elven artifacts. Lodar meet with a local contact named Reno who agreed to look around.
That evening, the would be heroes returned to the Inn of the Prancing Pony. Davonet, Ren and Loki observed a man in desert robes, entering the Inn and walking over to join Lodar. They spoke briefly, then Lodar got up and went in the back room where the cloak Sylynthanas, returned with him. He spoke to stranger, and listened carefully to what he had discovered. After he was done he gave him a small pouch of money for the information. The stranger the departed.
A while later the group went over to meet the dwarf, who explained he was representing a benefactor who wanted to sponsor a team in the Yule games, the conversation was going well when the sound of goose stepping armored men was heard just outside the Inn. A moment later, the front doors burst open and nine armored [Dark Knights] marched in. eight of the soldiers wore heavy plate armor and carried Bastard swords and crossbows. Their tabards had the sign of the lily and the skull.
The leader stepped forward, and stated a mock greeting of pleasantry and said they were here to ask a few questions and that they were looking for some outlaws.
He then commanded his men to spread out and search the room. Immediately and as stealthy as possible one patron slipped out the back of the inn. The soldiers, began to walk around looking over the inn patrons. Next several things happened all at once. One of the soldiers came up to Loki and pointed at him and said, hey you look like that horse thief that stole the generals prized horse yesterday, Loki, reply sorry friend you must have me confused with someone else, I am not who you are looking for. The soldier believed him and turned away. The leader walked past Sylynthanas, stopped and pulled down his hood, revealing his elven ears and heritage, and declaired “Elven Spy”. The other soldiers took up positions around the room and pointed crossbows at the elf. Next several more things happened at once. Valan created the sound of someone yelling “elf spy” at the far end of the bar, this distracted three of the soldier who turned to investigate. Second, Ren cast a fire spell and hurled it at the leader who was confronting the elf. Loki drew his short sword and stabbed the soldier in front of him in the back. And someone in the Inn yelled “BAR FIGHT” and all chaos broke loose. Several patrons smashed chairs or bottles over some of the soldiers heads or backs. While the dark knights fought back.
Davonet’, Gavin and Durkin all drew there weapons and attacked a dark knight near them.
Two of the knights attacked Sylynthanas wounding him. The other knights also joined in attacking the party members. Next the bard attempted to jump upon the table, he missed his footing and landed on his knees, but regaining his composure he began to sing a rousing battle hymn to inspire all the patrons in the bar against the dark knights. Several attacks were exchanged between the combatants, but it took less than a minute to subdue or kill all of the dark knights. As the fight ended Gavin grappled and pinned the last wounded dark knight. Valan and Davonet’ interrogated him, he mentioned that someone tipped off the knights that the elf was at the Inn. So they double-timed it over to the Inn. He also said the leader of the knights was [General Dogah].
After the battle was over Lodar state the he thought the group would make a good team and that he would sponsor the team in the Yule Games and that his benefactor would be the seventh.
When asked what to do with the bodies of the knights Lodar suggested tossing them in the sewer.

Pre Game Planning

Our first game session will be Sunday, February 10th, starting at 2:00 pm MST.


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